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Pre-Construction Services

We offer Tekla sales models including erection sequencing, Preliminary Advance Bills of Material and Take-offs, Detailing Schedule Estimates, Cost Analysis, and Job-site coordination meetings and sales meeting presentations.

Steel Detailing & Modeling with Tekla Structures

Southeastern Steel Detailing, Inc. has a state of the art 1 GB Network with 3 servers and 12 Tekla Workstations, and a high speed DSL Internet connection. All projects are modeled and checked in 3D with Tekla Structures. While we utilize the latest technologies we still use some “Old School” processes to ensure a Quality Product. We continue to Field Check all of our projects. Also available is the capability to download detail data to automated beam lines such as control automation, for example, and the capability to create production control data. Examples of the data we produce are NC1 files, KSS files, CIS/2 files and various other types, including many Fabtrol reports.


Southeastern Steel Detailing, Inc. offers many reports for our customers based upon project requirements. Some examples of reports provided are: Preliminary Advance Bills of Material and Take-Offs, Sequencing Reports, Field Bolt Summary, Shop Bolt Summary, Shear Stud List, etc…, many varieties of Fabtrol reports are available.

Industries Served

Southeastern Steel Detailing, Inc. offers services in industrial, commercial, architectural and miscellaneous steel detailing, custom tailored to each projects needs. We strive to produce a high quality product with accuracy in a timely manner by using state of the art technology, equipment, and remaining in constant communication with our customers. By using cutting edge technology, and keeping some of the good “old school” processes, we are able to provide unparalleled detailing services for projects of all sizes.

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