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Southeastern Steel Detailing, Inc.

We serve the steel fabrication industry as well as contractors. We provide detailed shop drawings and data files for all steel components of steel structures.

Our service streamlines the fabrication process, expedites, and ensures accuracy of the steel components bolting or welding together on a project. In addition, we also coordinate with other trades required for steel construction, such as joist and deck vendors.

Industries Served

Southeastern Steel Detailing, Inc. offers services in industrial, commercial, architectural, and miscellaneous steel detailing, custom-tailored to each project’s needs.

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Connection Design Services

Steel Detailing & Modeling


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West: 9+ Projects

12+ Projects

5+ Projects

8+ Projects

10+ Projects

7+ Projects

8+ Projects

12+ Projects

North-Central & Central: 20+ Projects

South: 60+ Projects

East: 15+ Projects

Cuba: 1 Project

Bahamas: 1 Project

Haiti: 1 Project

Dominican Republic : 1 Project

Egypt : 1 Project

Qatar: 1 Project

Dubai: 1 Project

Taiwan: 1 Project

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